April 26, 2011

Photos don't lie

Sometimes in life we go in circles.

This week the circle for me was that a dozen of my school friends got together for brunch on Easter Sunday. Just girls. What a warm fuzzy day it was. 12 women genuinely excited to see one another, meet each other and catch up.

What was important to all of us? The photos. Snapshots, Scrap books, Class Yearbooks. Sharon made name tags for all of us with maiden names. And yes, photos from our year books.

Sometimes our memories so many years later play tricks on us because I will swear that Robin looks the same as she did in Kindergarten. And Marcie looks the same as she did in Junior High when we were hall monitors. Felicia hasn't changed one bit since High School. And Sharon D. is as lovable and bubbly as ever. Clearly she looks the same as she did when we double dated on Grad Night.

I swear I can look at those photos and see - they're all the same people. Photographs don't lie.

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