April 13, 2011


Today my assistant told me about a wedding she attended this past weekend. I don't know the bride but we did connect via facebook and I did get to see her photographs. As all brides are happy and glowing and the ceremony was beautiful, her dress was fantastic and it looked like the photographs I saw were technically good.

What I didn't see is that they weren't complete. No one would know that if you weren't there. What I heard were that some key images were just not taken - at all. The photographer was a friend of the couple. But he wasn't skilled at weddings. There was not list of must have images. There were ceremony moments not captured. There were no photographs of the bride and her children.

I heard the bride was disappointed. For that, I am very sad. A wedding isn't something to take lightly. A special event is a fluid event. You can be a great photographer and miss out on some images if you don't know what to look for. I've spent many days studying what to shoot. How to anticipate the emotion of the day and capture it forever.

I hope the guests might have those missing images on their cameras. I hope they all came out. You roll the dice in a situation when you have friends that take good photos. You gamble that they won't miss what's important. That they have good working cameras and they know how to capture the light just right and that the photographer has the ability and equipment to make light when they need it.

I also hope they will live happily ever after. After all there is left is the love of the day and the memories. The photos must tell the rest of the story. They are all there is when the memories fail and for the grandchildren to see what it was like back then.

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