May 28, 2011

What people are saying about me

Some of you know that I won a cruise in a silent auction from Round Meadow School's auction last year. So we are just back from a Viking River Cruise on the Rhine River through Germany, France, Switzerland and finally the Netherlands. Soon I will have some amazing photos of Castles, Old Buildings, Flowers and Europe. The scenery is fantastic and we had perfect weather for a cruise.

Through the auction, I met Jen Levinson who runs one of the best blogs out there for Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley Moms. Anything about being a Mom, Parent or medical can go through her blog and her Jen's List. Amazing how networking works in so many forms. Nannys, Garage Sales, Medical resources and teaching/parenting/entertainment - all Mom connecting. Amazing! (

And in chatting about the cruise and the auction I proposed that Jen do a session with me. We ended up in my studio with some pampering for her by Karen Snyder of and I had Erin Goldstein at Claudio Marino do Jen's hair.

So...this is what Jen had to say:

Thank you, Jen. I hope you will take a photo of Mike on Father's Day looking at your book.

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