June 10, 2011

Beauty and Culture!

One of the great advantages to living in a fantastic city like "The Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan region" is that we have so much diversity in our art, experience and culture. We have such a broad mix of ethnicity in our region (Los Angeles is a City but also really a huge region - as big as some states and even bigger than some European nations). We have many cultures since we are a melting pot. Los Angeles has for more than a century been considered one of the best areas in which to live in the world for our weather/climate and life experiences. We've been glamorized to the world because we are after all the authentic Hollywood - home to Film and Film Stars. We have a huge fashion presence with many manufacturers of clothing. We have Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills too. We have a great deal of music and theater. And Museums - Los Angeles County Muesum of Art, Two Getty Museums, MOCA, with which to immerse ourselves in Art - Modern, History, Painting, Sculpture, the art of the automobile at the Peterson Museum, we have a great Science Museum, We have a Natural History Museum, We have the La Brea Tar Pits too.

We have also been gifted with a newcomer to the museum collection we have called The Annenberg Center for Photography.

As a photographer who specializes in Glamour and photography of Women AND someone who grew up around the fashion industry, their current exhibit called Beauty and Culture to me was life changing. I have always loved the iconic images of Marilyn Monroe, Elisabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn. This exhibit has 175 of the world's most influential photographs of beauty and fashion and those who have made their life a part of that culture and and shaped societal definition of what we find beautiful in the female form. Go see it, share it and let me know what you think. There is a documentary film that explores our viewpoints about beauty and glamor. Let me know if you see beauty in a new way.


  1. Sounds inspirational, wish I could see it - how mean of you to dangle the carrot like that LOL

  2. Ah Zoe - a good reason to visit Los Angeles!

  3. I'm with Zoe - reading your blog makes me want to visit you! I've never been to LA! I should plan a visit and do a session with you. That would be awesome.