June 27, 2011

Food for thought

We went to dinner with my husband's long time client and former neighbors. Frank has known them many years - I think at least 35. We always have a great time with Bob and Carol.

We have very interesting discussions about service and good business much of the time we socialize with them and Bob always makes me think. One thing we have in common is that we like good service where ever we do business. I just changed doctors and so did Bob. One reason for me is that my physician is too busy now to call with test results. He won't even call you if they're out of the range of normal. You must do it yourself if you want the results. Bob said his doctor's assistant was too busy to make an appointment with him at his visit. I had the same experience. I had an appointment for a physical and my doctor did some of it and told me to come back because he was too busy to do it. And he ran over an hour late the appointment before that. I left and made another appointment. I don't think that my time is any less valuable than his is. An hour wait is too long to be sitting in a little windowless room. For no reason.

We both like to travel and have found service lacking lately on a few cruise ships and less honesty from one cruise line about some water levels a river cruise causing us to be bussed instead of sailing down the river. We were sure we were told a white lie on boarding.

As someone who has worked in small boutique environments since her first job, not one excuse is acceptable to me when it comes to being busy. The whole existence of having any business is to make the customer want to come back for 2nds or more or if you are not offering a repeat experience, then at least the best possible service.

I always want to make a client feel I've gone above and beyond. That I am truthful. I want my clients leaving my studio shaking their heads and thinking they've had a fantastic experience that bears telling their friends and repeating as often as possible. I promise to never leave you unattended in a cold windowless room in a paper examination gown for an hour.

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