July 04, 2011

Complete Service

While we are on the topic of service (see my last post!) my goal is to be more than creator of my client's images. In creating that special image, there is more to the photograph than meets the eyes.

Photography is telling the story with light of a person, place or thing. There is the technical ability to use the camera, there is the portraitist's ability to envision the finished pieces and the collaboration of the subject to the photographer.

We have an idea or message or story to tell with the images. The final use will be very dependent on the style we create with our portrait. If we are using the image for a business portrait, it's doubtful we would take an attorney to the beach or put him on a horse or bicycle. A few years ago I did a beach session for a family and the boys were in white shirts and black pants. It said "Sunday going to Church" but not to play in the sand or the water. A wardrobe and style consultation is a very important part of the sessions I do. You can't do a boudoir session without lingerie and not all lingerie works. I just was inspired by a session of a family all in tans/beiges and the setting was in a building all in the same color family as the clothing but the pieces were matched so to speak. They blended. When we do a photograph we are making a statement about who we are and about what we are like. We don't all want to dress in a Gap Ad or Land's End Catalog. Imagine my delight when a client called and sent me a very old photograph and asked if we could flavor her session that way. We were going to render the image as a black and white and a wedding dress I had purchased years ago fit the 1930's style of full skirt just right. It was even the client's size.

You cannot create a whole scene without all the parts.

Yesterday I did an order appointment. I asked about framing and now it's up to me to find that frame that goes with the existing frames and my photograph too. It's exciting to me to really finish my images from thought process to how the clients will view them forever. If they're not finished, I'd hate to see them in a drawer or elsewhere not viewed often. They need to be in books, in frames or in some form on the wall too.

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