August 28, 2011

Susan G. Komen Datebook

I am so thrilled.

For about 5 years I have wanted to do a photography project that would benefit women. All women. We are all affected by Breast Cancer. We don't know who, what or when it strikes. We do our Monthly Breast Exams. We have our regular mammograms. We support the women who are impacted. Really - I cannot believe in my circle of friends how many of them have been brave and are strong.

We also have hope. And we can encourage those who are on the journey of recovery. We can celebrate them. And love them and pamper them.

I love to do things in a BIG way. What was going to be a 12 page calendar is going to be a datebook filled with love, encouragement, hope and beauty. I remember chatting with Sharon Schlesinger of Boku Mangos a few years ago sharing my dream about doing something like this. Sharon, if you don't know her is one of the women in this world that doesn't sit on the sidelines of life. She is a mover and shaker and makes things happen. With style and grace. My friend Sharon Schlesinger is one of those women, who like me has a big woven web of women who have hands to lend to reach out.

So we have been putting pieces together and it's started. Invitations have been sent to potential participants. We are asking to have sponsorships of $250 for each session. And it will benefit Susan G. Komen for The Cure Los Angeles Affiliate. All of it! That excites and delights me. As of this writing we've raised over $2200 towards our goal and we are just starting. And when the book publishes all of the net proceeds will be donated too.

Right now I am working with survivors who have come forward to participate. And be pampered. Erin Kleptar of Claudio Marino Salon has set time aside to do the hair. So has Grace Frakes and Laura at Millennium Hair Studio agreed to step up and help with Hair and Makeup. And Karen Snyder of Cosmetically Organized. David Meister is going to work with us on wardrobe as is Sharon helping style these models. I love the term she's using that they will be Queen for a Day. Really - they'll be Queen for a year or more.

So for updates - follow my blog here. Become a fan of Flash Frozen Photography on Facebook. ( and a friend of Kathy Rappaport. Follow my twitter posts at And donate or sponsor someone's session. We all need your help to pay it forward.

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