September 18, 2011

Butterflies and Fairy Princesses!

We're halfway through our photography sessions for the Susan G. Komen Photography for The Cure raising money for the Los Angeles Affiliate.

First, I have to say that my team of Sharon Schlesinger who is helping style the survivors and helping me coordinate anything and everything has been so wonderful.  Sharon is one of those spirits that always has a smile on her face and has such a great way with people you just find her enthusiasm infectious.  Karen Snyder ( ) has been using her magic tools to make everyone model ready and Erin Kleptar at Claudio Marino Salon has been curling, crimping and bobby pinning hair so that everyone can be on the cover of the latest Fashion Magazine.  Such talent! I also want to thank Grace Frakes and Mary Ballesteros of Millennium Hair Studio who have offered to also fill in anywhere I need them to on Hair and Makeup for these sessions.

We would be remiss if we didn't mention David Meister ( who is dressing a few tonight's Emmy presenters and attendees, as well as our own celebrities of the sessions.

I am so excited to help dress the Butterflies and Fairy Princesses in my studio.  There is no question a big dose of Magic happening in the studio.  We are all having the most indescribable time. It takes me back to playing dress up as a little girl and putting on my Mom's best evening dresses and high heels many sizes too big.  It feels just like a few of my best friends have come over to play.  We are only missing the Tea Set for our party but in reality we aren't missing the tea.  I cue the music on the iPod and a shriek from the makeup chair yells out from the front "Hey that's me singing background" and we have an impromptu dance party and concert so we play it over and over again. Happy and fun moments like this abound.

I can't wait to share the images with you all where these women have eyes that are all lit up with anticipation and excitement while I am adjusting the lights. I love the first look they get in the mirror of themselves and the thrill of choosing some jewelery to wear and deciding if walking in 6 inch heels more than two feet will work.  The confidence and hope and emotion of just the experience is beyond anything I could have hoped for. And the look on their faces when I show them the back of the camera how beautiful they are. I wish the camera could look in their generous hearts and show that side of their beauty too.

We all have stories to tell about our lives and the journeys we are taking.  The stories are forming.  I have to go back to editing images.  I am having a warm fuzzy time at the computer just writing to tell you the progress.  We have ten more sessions to go this week. I can't wait to see what transpires and what fun we create in the process of raising a few dollars for Photography for The Cure.  They say laughter is the best medicine but it also takes money to find The Cure.  If you have some spare change towards the goal, we'd be even more grateful.  I am also looking for a sponsor to buy the models a keepsake copy of the book we are making. All the proceeds are going to Susan G. Komen Los Angeles. I think we're on track toward our $25,000 goal. The goal of making some women Queen for A Day has been surpassed and we are only half way there.

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