March 24, 2012

Excited for the for The Race.

I can't sleep.  I am so excited because in a few hours 10,000 people will be gathering at Dodger Stadium for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Los Angeles.  I spent most of my day there today helping set up for the day. I am co-chair of the Survivor Festivities, but, really that's just the title my friend, Sharon Schlesinger gave to me.  She did all the heavy lifting with the rest of the committee.  In the last year I had the pleasure of getting to know many of the women who volunteer for so many reasons.

My camera bag is packed and ready to start photographing the event;  It will be fun to watch the runners, walkers, the kid's run but for me, the Survivor's Parade is most special.  We're there to honor those brave women who have experienced so much.  The women I have met have such strong spirit.  And this is a day to celebrate them.

My  book was published yesterday called Journey for the Cure.  20 of those women who are so strong and have hope and encouragement to offer.  And David Meister dressed them, Sharon Schlesinger Styled Them, Karen Snyder and Laura Ballesteros powdered their noses and Erin Kleptar of Claudio Moreno styled their hair before I photographed them and made them a Queen of a Day, which is what Sharon Schlesinger decided was their title.

All the proceeds are going to honor the women who haven't yet been diagnosed, those who have who are in treatment, and those who just fought the fight and lost the battle.  Maybe one day there will be no battle;

Yes you can buy this book! For every book that you sell 100% of the net proceeds goes to Susan G. Komen Los Angeles Affilliate.  For Mammograms, and education and all the positive things they do to keep spirits up and much more than my tired brain can type. Only 4 books buys a mammogram!   The link is below.  I think it would be the best Mother's Day gift because you will know that you gave two gifts for the price of one.

You can see the pages here:!i=1761183465&k=6BGs2FF

Photography Copyright - Kathy Rappaport - Flash Frozen Photography Inc. 
100% of net proceeds will be donated to Susan G Komen for the Cure - Los Angeles Affilliate.
Books will ship end of February 2012
Photography by Kathy Rappaport, Makeup by Karen Snyder of Cosmetically Organized, Hair by Erin at Claudio Marino Salon and Coordinating/Styling by Sharon Schlesinger With many thanks to David Meister for the beautiful fashions


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