April 26, 2012

Studio? Lifestyle? Which is right for me?

Today I was helping a client plan a session for a children's portrait session. Originally, she thought she wanted a session in the studio and that is what she booked me to do with the children.

Having a studio gives me some great options for my clients.

For Executive Headshots - I get clients in and out quickly with many choices of looks with White High Key or a spectrum of color to match your branding, a comfortable place to change as well as hair and makeup available right in The French Quarter where the studio is located.  

For Boudoir photography, I don't have to use a hotel room, we have lots of privacy and an assortment of styles.  I have a variety of bedding, sofas, chairs and more to style you sexy.

For Maternity, I can be very creative.  I actually just did a session where the baby is replacing the dog as child and we included the dog. When the baby arrives, we are going to pose the baby in the same scene for a double frame.

For Newborns - it's designed with a comfortable place to take a break for diaper changes and nursing. I have special equipment to pose the baby and get the cute photographs which gives me good angles.  I have creative fabrics to use and I can change out in a heartbeat. Everything I use is clean and sanitary and the lighting I use safe for babies eyes too.

For Toddlers, it's a safe place to have their full attention.  I have toys to capture their interest and we can play some fun games. I love the Princess look and have a few costumes, chairs, tutus, wings....

For Families, I can create images that show how much the families bond.  I love the session I did at Christmastime where the entire family had pajamas that matched with their names on them.

All that said, I can't bring the beach into the studio,  the park is a great place to get kids and dogs playing, and I have a list of 100 locations one of which is your home.  I can travel to your home, your office, a park or 100's of places that will give you exactly the right place to tell the story we want to tell with your photographs. When we plan your session, we have many choices - first of which is Studio or Lifestyle.  My years of photography experience will give you photographs to treasure created in just the right place.

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