April 29, 2012

Touching moments

Yesterday I photographed the Relay for Life fundraiser for the American Cancer Society at Pierce College in Woodland Hills; If you have not been to a Relay for Life event, there are teams in constant motion walking the track and raising money;  Some teams also sell items to donate proceeds to the American Cancer Society.

One of the most heartfelt moments was called the Lumenaria Tribute. Paper bags were signed and decorated all day as a fund raising activity and there was a ceremonial walk around the track by all the attendees.  The bags are all lit up and it's a beautiful moment;  Some survivors and their loved ones spoke for a minute each in tribute and in the middle of that was a beautiful slide show to music with portraits of those no longer with us.  Those portraits touched my heart so much and brought tears to my eyes. Some of the images were of people so full of life and expression. It made me think about how important portraits of people really are;

How will we be remembered without a portrait which tells the story of us?

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