August 09, 2012

Fabulous, Fun, Feminine...and Family

Sometimes the phone rings and you have the opportunity to be able to do something that is an incredible gift.  I've done a number of sessions as gifts over the years.  And sometimes the gift ends up being mine too.

I had the opportunity to photograph three sisters today and the adorable Georgie too.  It was a last minute idea because one of the sisters is leaving tomorrow and it will be while before they are together again.

 When you photograph you really do get to connect with people and get a sense of their being.  Genuine, warm and intelligent young women with a joy in their hearts.  I hope I will meet Mom next week or so when we do the big reveal. She has so much to be proud of.  I want to tell her what a lovely job she has done with her daughters.

Jaclyn, I wanted you to leave with a little sneak preview and let you know that I appreciate the honor you gave me to make a very special memory for you and your three sisters - canine and human.  Safe Travels.


  1. Lovely! I'm sure their mother will be so appreciative to have such a beautiful portrait of her daughters.

  2. What a lovely shot! Beautifully done!