October 10, 2012

Photographs. We only have this moment

On September 19th I brought my camera with me to The Woodland Hills Tarzana Chamber of Commerce Wine Festival.  I always enjoy events and bringing my camera to capture friends in the moments of having fun.  Besides, Rotary Club of Woodland Hills, where I am also a member had a booth and many members would be there.

Not much significance really.  I processed the photos and put them on Facebook for friends to have some nice images from a fun day. 

Fast forward a week and one of our dear Rotarians, Mel had a debilitating stroke. He's now out of immediate danger and we are hoping he will gain back his speech and his paralysis will be gone.

So to me, this is special because it was just a few days prior to his stroke.  He was having a wonderful time and most important, dispensing his usual big hug and smile.  Always a kind word from his heart.

So my message is to take photographs often. Don't hide from the camera.  You never know how special that image might be to someone or their loved ones.

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