June 06, 2013

How to create better photographs with YOUR Camera

I have loved creating photographs since my mom handed me her Kodak Brownie Camera. I loved the thrill of going to the Rexall Drug Store and getting a new roll of film and then returning it to get prints. We'd move to the side of the counter and one by one make two piles - one to throw away and one to cherish. I still love the same process. My professional career in photography started with those very same piles and the more I have photographed the smaller the piles to throw away are. Not only do I create family portraits, pet portraits, studio portraits, but I also have a huge collection of travel photography. Some of that photography has been displayed and sold via Art Gallery. So when Maya at Ruths Chris Steakhouse offered me a place to talk photographs, I thought I'd spend some time taking you on a journey from the South Pacific, to the Baltic Countries to some of my favorite spots in Europe and show you how to create photographs worth keeping.

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