September 09, 2013

So many things to do...News - Winner of the Los Angeles Daily News Readers Choice Awards and A NEW WEBSITE ON THE WAY TOO

As a sole proprietor I wear many hats. My number one job is to make happy clients and have fun with them - creating photographs they will want to display in their homes and hearts FOREVER.

To do that I need to be creative in many areas. Coming from a background of accounting and banking, and with a husband who is a Certified Public Accountant, my business is run with all my i's dotted and T's crossed. I pay taxes and collect sales tax, and have business licenses too. If a location permit is needed or permission from a property owner, I take care of it.. I know too many photographers who fly under the radar and don't get them. But in the middle of a session, they can get ticketed, fined and sent away resulting in the photographs you planned for might not happen.

 I had someone call me this week to photograph their 4 year old's birthday party in a few weeks and they were panicked a bit. They couldn't find a photographer who could provide them with the right kind of insurance their venue wanted, which I carry so my clients have peace of mind.

I am watchful that my software is registered, my cameras work (more than one!) and I have alternate ways of working if something does go wrong. I have a group of talented photographers who would step in quickly if I booked an event and had a personal emergency ( and it would be a pretty big emergency!).

When I create headshots or portraits, I book the makeup artist and hair stylist; I can adjust times so your day flows perfectly and take the stress off my clients. I have wardrobe clothes or accessories like shoes for you to make the details just right if something is off. 

But the details of my business are just as important as anything else. I keep my books up. I do tend to neglect my blog. I post often on Facebook and LinkedIn.

My website platform has served me well but the provider has changed their back end and I am FURIOUSLY changing my website to be FUNCTIONAL and Fit with their new requirements.  I expect to have it FABULOUS in the next few days.

One detail is this: I was voted the BEST Photographer in the Los Angeles Daily News Reader's Choice Awards. I was a Favorite in that category for the last two years. But this year, I won overwhelmingly and there are no Favorites.  Just me.  For all the the readers of the LA Daily News and City of Los Angeles.  I am farklempt!  So if you got this far, and you book an appointment in September and you tell me you read this...I will give you a $75 credit for prints.  Because I want to celebrate my success with you. Much of which is because I pay attention to all the little details of life.

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