September 21, 2013

Women's Professional Forum and the Ovarian Cancer Circle

Today I had breakfast at the Women's Professional Forum. I love that group of like minded entrepreneurs.

We had a healthcare panel discussion for our topic. One of the speakers was Paulinda Babbini, who is the Director/Founder of the Ovarian Cancer Circle honoring Robin Babbini, her daughter, who passed away so very young  - just past her teens - of Ovarian Cancer.

Paulinda works tirelessly to raise funds to educate women so they know the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer so that can be treated early since Ovarian Cancer is very difficult to detect before it's too late.  So while many women are following the Pink Ribbons in October, Paulinda is passing around beautiful turquoise bracelets, scarves and some beautiful iridescent necklaces to raise money for the cause.

As a photographer, I agreed to photograph one of her upcoming fundraisers again because it's one of the ways I can contribute. But what strikes me is that Robin's face is also on all the materials.  It's a lovely photograph of a young girl and it's on all the posters and literature.  I cannot imagine what Paulinda went through; sometimes that is all that is left is the memory and the photograph of those we have loved and lost. I saw Paulinda shed a tear today while looking at the photograph and the emotion went right to my heart.

So I want to remind you all:  Please don't forget to take pictures of those you love.  A teen is to young to leave us. In the plan of living we don't expect that.  But we can still be touched by her beauty every day through her memories.  I never had an opportunity to meet her.  But I feel her presence and spirit in her photograph.  Paulinda is keeping her memory alive so it it will remind one more woman to go see her Gynecologist and have a Trans Vaginal Ultrasound, get your CA-125 Blood test.

So for October, I thought I would put my money on the Ovarian Cancer Circle.  If you book portrait session with me I will donate 20% of my session fee to the Ovarian Cancer Circle. Please read about the symptoms and donate here.

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