February 24, 2014

Tasty....Magic...Coffee ...

Sometimes you meet people in this world who think like you do.  Those of you who are my readers know that giving is important to me.  And along comes Jackie Mendelson who has spent her life giving to others working in the non profit world.  And what does Jackie do? She decides to start a coffee company. She found that in many coffee growing regions of the world made a huge difference in their communities by growing and selling beans.  She is able to fund some needs that sustain whole communities where the coffee is grown to further support these under served places in this world. We can make a difference just by doing what we do anyway - drink coffee. It is amazing what you can with with a little ingenuity! 

Jackie asked me to help her photograph her coffee for her website and gave me a general idea of what she wanted.  We did the gift certificates, baskets, coffee and more. One the hardest products to photograph are things that are dark and reflective; I had to use some skills I honed photographing eyeglasses for another client for a period of time. When light hits the dark bags, it leaves big light spots on the bags. Lighting is keep to making the bags pop for the website.  She was very happy that the coffee bags just looked exactly as she'd hoped.

Not only did Jackie and I pair to style the products, but we had a lot of fun.  So if you want to help her fund the projects that give back to these regions of the world - please go to Whole Foods or to her website and look for her Arabica Dabra Coffee.  She has gift certificates and baskets too.  My studio has had the delicious scent of fresh coffee beans for weeks after our shoot.  I can still smell it every time I brew some of the wonderful Arabica Dabra Coffee. You can see some of the rest on the banner here: http://www.tastymagic.com/

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  1. Kathy never ceases to amaze me! She is the "F" word, FANTASTIC