March 21, 2014

Gifts. For Mom, for Dad, for FAMILIES and Frames

Photography for me is all about capturing things and times you want to remember.
I have many new products coming in this spring.  I love to show printed images and to help you do that, for new family sessions or boudoir sessions or pet portraits, I will gift you a frame from a new line I am stocking in the studio for gifts. (In stock selection only)
Some good reasons for a sitting are:

An event like a birthday party or family gathering
A moment in time:  A special Age from One to A hundred and One
A celebration: A Wedding, an Engagement, a New Life
A milestone: An Anniversary
A Relationship: Mothers and Daughters, Fathers and Sons, Grandparents
A headshot to promote you or your business or for your website.
Maybe you've been working out and you have a new body to celebrate.

April is Easter and Passover - and we have our Families together.  A good reason to get together but also capture the moment in time.

I can think of a thousand reasons to take a photograph.  Call me to brainstorm and I will help you think of one that is just right for you!

A New life.  They Don't stay small for long.  4 Days old!

To get your Sexy on: Lose Weight? Fall in Love? Want to Celebrate a New Look?  Or just realize how beautiful you are? Almost every woman I have captured for a Boudoir look has come in "for him" and realized that they were the one who got the gift.

Some of the images and sessions I have been working on:
Dating, Websites, Graduation, Seniors - both 65 and older and High School

I have been learning to "paint" my images.  Since dogs give me a lot to work with I have been using my pet photographs to learn this new technique
Painted Puppies Series     

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