November 21, 2014

Something to think about!

Today I contacted the venue for one of my sessions this weekend.  It's a very important mufti-generation portrait where the Matriarch is celebrating a milestone birthday and the whole family will be together to celebrate.  - four generations!

I am more than honored to be chosen to do this cherished portrait for them.  In speaking to the catering manager, they required a liability insurance policy naming them as additional insured for me to work there. It is 2pm on Friday and with a quick email to my agent I was able to meet their requirements.

Last month I took out a permit to shoot in some public spaces to create portraits for clients in the Santa Monica Mountains. I also had to provide the US Government/National Parks with insurance too. And paid a fee to be legally allowed to go there with clients.

This is not an unusual request, but, many photographers don't carry that kind of coverage on a routine basis.  While it's important to hire a photographer not only for their skills in photographing their subject, it would have been sad if the family would not have had a photographer who could also meet the professional requirements of the venue. Or to go to a park and be asked to leave by a ranger because the photographer did not take care of business.  It's all too common.

Just food for thought when you are considering a photographer to create something for your family. After all the work you put in to get ready, get there and gather the family. It would be very disappointing to miss out on the opportunity to have exactly the family portraits you planned to have. Yes, it might cost a little more because the cost of business is higher for me, but in the end - it is worthwhile if you would not be allowed on the premises to do what you went there for to begin with!

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