January 19, 2015

More than just a pretty face...

Nicola's Kitchen Ad    

We have been very fortunate to be in the beautiful French Quarter for nearly 10 years now.  We are neighbors to John and Kate Saffell, owners of Nicola's Kitchen who have a great eclectic menu.  They have opened for breakfast a few months ago - very yummy. 

Any good restaurant needs good photographs so the food they are displaying looks as good as it tastes.  John came by to ask me to photograph a breakfast menu item for this ad. 

In the world of Commercial Photography - various subjects have different parameters to be met when photographing.  Lighting needs to take into consideration factors like type of lighting;  Lenses are specific for use creating the creamy backgrounds and blurring out parts of an image.  People need a variety of techniques from posing to lighting and wardrobe.  So many people say - oh - but it's just a quick snap. Glass and reflections play into the final image.  Expressions on faces don't just happen - the photographer needs to know how to relate to a person to give them the look needed for a professional image.

Any good photograph - be it a portrait, a food shot, a pet - all need planning encompassing things like how the image will be used, where it will be displayed - ad in a magazine, family  photographs on the fireplace, or web image in a specific pixel size.

I do more than just portraits;  I photograph events, for advertising, headshots, pets and newborns too.  In my Woodland Hills Studio or on location.  I have photographed both chickens and eggs.  They all come first for me. 

So while you are thinking of eggs...go visit my friends at Nicola's.  They have delicious eggs for breakfast.

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